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Content marketing is hot. And without a steady stream of content engaging your audience and positioning your brand authority, you could get left behind. Not sure how to create consistent blog content? Why not start a podcast? It’s one of the smartest moves you can make for 2018!

Content Marketing Rules

When it comes to marketing, many small to medium businesses still think outbound marketing and other traditional methods are the best ways to generate leads. What they don’t know is that content marketing costs only a third as much and brings in literally three times as many qualified leads! Putting out content answers relevant questions, discusses interesting solutions, and attracts leads to your business like a magnet.

Podcasts are a great form of content you should consider producing regularly in 2018. According to recent research, 40% of Americans are listening to podcasts. This is a huge trend that means a large segment of your target demographic is most likely looking for your solutions in podcast form. So meet them where they’re at!

Top 5 Reasons to Jump in Now

microphone, platform, thought leadershipSo in case you still don’t see the value of turning on the mic and talking about your favorite things to begin building a tribe and generating leads, here are five of the best reasons a business podcast should be in your future.

1. Engage Your Audience When You Normally Couldn’t: Podcast listeners typically listen at times your marketing wouldn’t be able to reach them. They listen when they’re driving, eating, and working out. Give them something interesting to listen to during these mundane activities, and they’ll become a follower.

2. Build a Focused Niche Following: Podcast listeners aren’t like radio listeners. They’re not waiting for an excuse to turn you off. They turned you on because you are in their niche. Podcast are highly niched, and listeners select and try new podcasts that are highly relevant to them. Podcasting is a great way to build a following energetic about your specific niche business.

3. Quick Startup/Low Price: Podcasting is very low cost and extremely easy to start. Start with what you have and work your way up from there. Start out with a microphone, your computer, and basic editing software. As you get more serious, you can hire a communications consultant to help you score high-profile guests, write catchy show copy, edit your audio for maximum quality, and market your podcast to new demographics. But start where you’re at and scale up as you go.

4. Accessibility Is Off the Charts: Anyone who has a smartphone is a potential audience member. How many people have smartphones? Do the math. The market access is unreal.

5. You’re In Control: One of the great things about podcasting is you are the boss! You can podcast daily, monthly, weekly, whatever. And how long should your show be? Don’t have a lot of info? How about just 5 minutes? If you have a ton of information that you just can’t squeeze down, no worries – podcast for an hour and a half. Your podcast is entirely your creation and tool. Use it to its full potential!