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Twitter is of course vital to a vibrant social media strategy. And whether you’ve got it down or are learning the ropes, more info is always a good thing. Keep these Twitter hacks in your back pocket for when you need them most.

1. Get around the 140-character limit with a screenshot.

Yep, it’s so simple you’re probably asking yourself why you hadn’t thought of it before! Simply open up your favorite word processor, type your message, take a screenshot, then click the camera button in your new tweet to upload the screenshot. Not only do you get around the limit, but images (even if they’re just text) get more engagement and attention than text tweets!

2. Monitor your brand or personal perception by finding your lists.

keyboard, magnifying glass, social monitoringYou probably already know about making lists in Twitter – lists of your favorite authorities in various fields. Perhaps you’ve put a few of your favorite leadership speakers into a list entitled, “Powerful Leaders.” But chances are, YOU are on a few lists, too! Simply go to your Lists page and click on “Member of” to see what others think of you!

3. Have your virtual assistant tweet for you.

You’re pretty busy, and sometimes you don’t have much time to open the app and send a tweet. So just ask Siri to! Say, “Hey Siri, send a tweet.” Or Android users can simply say, “Ok, Google, post to Twitter.” Then speak the text of your tweet and hit send. Easy peasy.

4. Filter out link tweets to find organic conversations.

Tweets that contain links are typically part of a brand’s content marketing (a valuable aspect of social media). Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes, you might want to jump in on a trending conversation and engage real people in real time. No worries, just add “-http” to your Twitter search query to tell twitter not to include tweets containing “http.” There are tons of other Twitter search operators as well.

5. Customize images with stickers.

Show you have a mastery of Twitter by adding customizable stickers to your graphics from the mobile app. When uploading your image, all you have to do is tap the sticker button (looks like a smiley face), tap the sticker, and drag it anywhere you want on your image. You can stretch it or squeeze it using your fingers to pinch and expand. Try it out and show a little personality!

Twitter hacks are not only snazzy and impressive to show off; they also help you with your social media strategy. Try these Twitter hacks out and share them with your friends!